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Cello Square, Your Solution to Cross-Border E-Commerce

This white paper examines what logistics needs cross-border e-commerce shoppers have, what logistics challenges e-commerce businesses face, and how Cello Square 3.0 can be a solution.


e-Commerce market is growing rapidly having a strong influence on industries, not only retail but also logistic, manufacturing and so on. Also, with the global e-commerce market growing, it is cross-border e-commerce that stands out most.

In cross-border e-commerce, the most important elements to shoppers are global shipping tracking, import/export customs clearance, easy returns and product authentication. This indicates that better and improved shipping services will lead to more cross-border buying.

Manufacturers which plan to adopt a DTC1) model and SME2) e-Commerce retailers all have logistics concerns. They find it difficult to secure low rates and provide customer-friendly visibility. They often don’t have enough resources to manage multiple logistics companies. Also, they have to deal with complex customs clearance procedures, which make it difficult for them to provide easy returns consumers want.

1) Direct-to-Consumer 2) Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

In other words, if they can improve logistics and shipping services in cross-border e-commerce, SME retailers can not only resolve constraints in doing business but also find new sales opportunities by providing a convenient shipping to customers.


What is Cello Square?


Cello Square, developed by Samsung SDS, is an online logistics platform service designed for e-commerce businesses and SME exporters.

Just like you join Gmail and use Google’s email service, any SME businesses can create a Cello Square account and use cloud-based Logistics as a Service (LaaS).

On CelloSquare.com, retailers can handle all of their import and export activities, from ordering/invoicing/payments, delivery tracking and customs clearance to import/export document management, reverse logistics and issue handling.


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Cello Square, Your Solution to Cross-Border e-Commerce


Let’s take a look at how Cello Square solves pain points manufacturers and SME e-commerce businesses have in cross-border e-commerce.

Cello Square solves the first pain point about rates with a platform business model. Cello Square enables customers to enjoy competitive rates by gathering customers’ shipments together and leverage them when negotiating freight rates with LSPs.


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