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Transport of Dangerous Goods – Samsung SDS Strategy & Case

As the global economy grows and cutting-edge industries advance further, transport of dangerous goods essential for production and consumption is increasing dramatically. Unlike general cargo, dangerous goods have to be handled and transported by certified carriers and staff with deep expertise because they’re subject to complex laws and regulations. In this white paper, we’re going to take a look at what strategies Samsung SDS has adopted to successfully transport dangerous goods of Company A.

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Innovating Control Centers with AI

In movies, we see different types of control centers. One of them is an AI-powered control center which handles situations quickly through real-time data communication with other control centers. At Samsung SDS, we have analyzed massive amounts of data in order to adopt AI in real operations of our control center, make decisions quickly and suggest optimized solutions.

This white paper explains what AI technologies have been applied in the Samsung SDS control center.

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2 Man Home Delivery Service – Trends and Cases

2 Man home delivery service is a necessity for the companies who are in furniture, white goods, brown goods industry, sports equipment industries. Consumers are making their choices based on the service level of the companies in home deliveries.
In this whitepaper, we will focus on delivery operations of 2 Man Handling Products these are Home Appliances, TVs, Furniture, Musical Instruments and Sports Equipment mainly.

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South Africa’s Automotive Industry and Government Polices

As the largest manufacturing industry in South Africa, the automotive industry plays an instrumental role in the country’s economy. It also supports the improvement of one of South Africa’s biggest socio-economic issues, unemployment. This white paper serves as an introduction to the South African Automotive industry, focusing on strategic locations around the country, government involvement in the success and growth within the industry and the vision for the South African Automotive industry through to 2035, as outlined in the South African Automotive Masterplan.

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Global Cold Chain Trends

A growing number of countries today are adopting temperature-controlled shipping for food products and pharmaceuticals. This is because consumer demand is rising for cold chain as it ensures food safety and fresh tastes. In the first of this two-part series of white papers, we’re going to look at the overview and trends of cold chain. In the second, we’ll examine countries with an advanced cold chain system in place as well as countries expected to have strong demand for cold chain in coming years.